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HELP UKRAINE! Private Enforcement Officers Association of Ukraine Is Applying for Help Due to War

The Russian Federation continues its aggressive war against our country. Right now Russian troops are bombing and robbing our cities and villages. They are trying to surround our capital, Kyiv, capture Kharkiv, Mariupol, Odesa, Chernihiv, Sumy and other cities. This war has already resulted in tens of thousands Ukrainians killed, many of them are kids. Hundreds of civil homes and buildings were bombed and destroyed. In case you have not seen it yet, please, watch this video: https://fb.watch/bQoV9sbZZF/.

Private enforcement officers of Ukraine are suffering as well. Some of them lost their offices, some were forced to leave their homes with their families, while some PEOs are right now protecting their homeland in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Territorial Defence (militia).

The whole civilized world condemned this aggression. On 16 March 2022 the International Court of Justice ordered Russia to stop the invasion of Ukraine. In addition, Russia was officially excluded from the Council of Europe. We still believe in international law and its impact, but there is still no evidence that Russia will cease fire and its military offensive.

Meanwhile, the Federal Bailiffs Service of the Russian Federation continues to publicly support this cruel war, posing with "Z" letter. The same letter is put on Russian military enginery. Thus, it has become the main symbol of Russian offensive in Ukraine: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1LVl_0I8o1Z80R8Hkg2Xg_yrpZDKYWIeO.

We all want to stop this terror and suffering. Today, there is a way you and your country can help Ukraine and its PEOs:

1)  Thousands of Ukrainians are now seeking asylum in the countries of Europe, Canada and the United States. Many of those people are families of private enforcement officers of Ukraine. We ask you to help them find a safe place and appropriate living conditions. If your organization is able to help, please, provide contacts of those people in charge to apply for help in your country. It may be representatives of your association or officials. Charity and mutual aid is making us all humans.

2)  Our courageous army is now defending the whole civilized world against cruelty and terror. There is a way you can help them. If your colleagues are able to purchase and transfer bulletproof vests, helmets and thermal imagers, please, let us know and we will receive the delivery from abroad and transfer it to our Armed Forces. It may save lives.

3)  Today we collect donations to help those who suffered from this war. PEOs Association of Ukraine founded a special charity organization – Ukrainian Charity Organization "Charity Fund of the Private Enforcement Officers Association of Ukraine". The money will be given to PEOs who suffered the most from this conflict and their families. We are sending you its banking account details:

(ATTENTION! Upon sending donations, please, notify PEOA of Ukraine via official e-mail - sekretariat.apvu@gmail.com - on exact sum and the sender. It is very important for our tax service)

Рахунок у гривні / Bank account in UAH:
Найменування отримувача: БО БФ АПВУ
Код отримувача: 44711496
Рахунок отримувача у форматі відповідно до стандарту IBAN:
Назва банку: АТ КБ "ПРИВАТБАНК"

Рахунок у євро / Bank account in EUR:
(Назва підприємства/company Name)
(IBAN Code)
(Назва банку/Name of the bank)
(SWIFT code банку/Bank SWIFT Code)
UA 03110 м Київ вул Преображенська б.23 кв.31
(Адреса підприємства/Company address)
Банки кореспонденти/Correspondent banks:
(Рахунок у банку-кореспонденті/Account in the correspondent bank)
(SWIFT Code банку-кореспондента/SWIFT Code of the correspondent bank)
Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
(Банк-кореспондент/Correspondent bank)
або / or
(Рахунок у банку-кореспонденті/Account in the correspondent bank)
(SWIFT Code банку-кореспондента/SWIFT Code of the correspondent bank)
(Банк-кореспондент/Correspondent bank)

4)  Do anything possible to stop this war! PEOs Association of Ukraine has already proposed the UIHJ Board and the President to immediately hold the UIHJ extraordinary international congress (online, if possible). The key issue, which we consider vital to be raised, is the question of immediate exclusion of the Russian Federation, as an aggressor and a persistent human rights violator, from the Union, as well as question of suspending relations with the Republic of Belarus, as the aggressor’s ally. We need international support! Make official statements on behalf of your associations. Take part in public demonstrations. Urge Russians and their officials to push their government to stop this madness, despite all threats.

The UIHJ has already assured our Association that it severed its relations with Federal Bailiffs Service of the Russian Federation. However, it still remains the Union's official member, which is completely unacceptable for civilized countries today. Ukraine is grateful for any international support. Everyone who today is trying to stop this terror does a big favor to the whole world.

Ukraine’s private enforcement officers send their kind regards to all of you and thank for your help and contributions to peace and justice in the world. If you can help, please, contact us via e-mail: sekretariat.apvu@gmail.com.  Our secretariat is working fully and staying in touch. We will do our best to assist.

Help Ukraine!